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Filial therapy



What is Filial Therapy?

Filial Therapy is a child and family intervention which enables change through healthy, secure and strong attachments and relationships between parents/carers and children. The Filial Therapist works with parents/carers to develop and strengthen their skills in structuring, empathic listening, child centred imaginary play skills and limit setting. Parents/carers are then supported in using these skills with their children in special play sessions to strengthen relationships and facilitate the child and adult's understanding of the child's world.


Who might benefit from Filial Therapy?

Children who are experiencing or have experienced;

  • anxiety
  • parental separation or divorce
  • attachment difficulties, including reactive attachment disorder (RAD)
  • trauma
  • toileting difficulties
  • self esteem difficulties
  • social difficulties
  • depression
  • bereavement  
  • attention difficulties
  • abuse or neglect (historical)

Parents/carers who are able to;

  • commit to spending regular uninterrupted time with each child in the family on a weekly basis
  • separate any emotional difficulties they may be experiencing from the child's difficulties
  • link into support from other family members or friends

If you are unsure if this is a suitable intervention for your family, or a family you are working with, please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss individual needs with you.


What is involved?

This intervention requires a commitment to 20-30 sessions depending on parent/carer and child's needs.

There will be an initial assessment involving social and developmental histories as well as consideration of the child and family difficulites alongside a family play observation.


There will then be sessions with the therapist and parents/carers to demonstrate the intervention and teach the skills necessary for the success of the Play Sessions, before parents/carers are supported in facilitating sessions with their children both in the play room and at home.


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