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The Rainbow Tree WalesPlay Therapy and Children's Wellbeing


What can I expect in a Play therapy session?

A session usually lasts 50 minutes and we recommend weekly sessions. Due to the nature of the therapy it is diffifult to be certain at the outset how many sessions may be needed but at the assessment stage the therapist will give you some idea as to what may be appropriate. For Play Therapy at least 12-15 sessions are usually needed and for more complex cases it will be more.

How do I know what kind of therapy will be most appropriate for my child?


When you contact us a therapist will arrange a time to speak to you by phone in the first instance to get a clearer picture of your child's and the family's circumstances. We will then make recommendations as to the most appropriate form of support and the likely costing. If this view changes after the more formal assessment we will discuss this with you and you will have the option to continue with the revised advice or to look to find something more suitable for your needs.

Do you accept insurance?

There is a confusing array of insurance arrangements. The first thing you should do is check with your insurance carrier. Check your coverage carefully. Do you have mental health benefits? How many sessions per calendar year does your plan cover? 

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