The Rainbow Tree Wales Play Therapy and Children's Wellbeing
The Rainbow Tree WalesPlay Therapy and Children's Wellbeing

Additional SUpport 

We can offer the following support  within a holistic Play Therapy package or as a separate package

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Therapeutic Life Story work


Children who have had complex early life experiences and changes in caregivers benefit from the opportunity to find out more about their early life and explore their feelings around their story

Psycho-Educational Support


Helping parents and carers to understand the impact that early trauma and broken attachments can have on children's behaviour later in life enables them to be part of the change process and empowers them to make changes at home as well as being an informed advocate for their child in school.



Children with complex histories can often be suspicious of adult and caregiver intentions and this can lead to misconceptions about the purpose of behaviours around them. DDP approaches can help unpick these misconceptions and lead to improved self esteem, attachments and behaviours.



Some children will benefit from working in a small group of children with similar challenging experiences, eg. experience of parental separation.

Parents too can benefit from small group work with others experiencing similar challenges to help understand their child's complex feelings and behaviours or to give parenting support through challenging times.

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